Off screen, 182 lbs Mc Mahon is reportedly talking to producers about becoming the next James Bond.With his Australian, almost British accent, producers assured him (and other actors) are being considered for the role.As for his private life, Mc Mahon is now single but has been married twice, first to actress Dannii Minogue and second to actress Brooke Burns.

Additionally, Mc Mahon's character as playboy plastic surgeon Christian Troy in the Golden Globe winning series Nip/Tuck (2003) brought him Movieline's Breakthrough of the year '03.

On the wide screen, Mc Mahon is also well remembered for playing roles in the movies Meet Market (2004, alongside Elizabeth Berkeley, Alan Tudyk and Aisha Tyler) and Fantastic Four (2005, played Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom).

He is also scheduled to star in the upcoming thriller Prisoner (2005).

Background: "There is a wealth of Australian talent in Hollywood right now but we're all pretty busy and it's not as though we're best mates.

When we see each other, we say hello." Julian Mc Mahon Australian actor Julian Mc Mahon initially received recognition for his significant portrayal as Ben Lucini in the Aussie soap Home and Away (1989-1991).

Due to his performance, he won a National Magazine award for Best Actor.In Hollywood, Mc Mahon began capturing the attention of the public when he was cast as John Grant in the award-winning series Profiler (1996-2000).He briefly studied Law at the University of Sydney and Economics at the University of Wollongong, but this bored him and he started a successful modeling career.Because of this, he became known in the fashion capitals Milan, New York, Rome, and Paris.Adam Willits, Sharyn Hodgson (who played his on-screen wife, Carly), Mouche Phillips and Justine Clarke also starred.Beyonce Blake Lively Celeb Dating Gossip Blog celebrity breakups Christina Aguilera Eliza Dushku Emmet Cullen Eva Mendes Free Dating Isla Fisher Jada Pinkett Smith Jersey Shore Vinny Jessica Biel Jessica Lowndes Jessica Simpson Justin Timberlake Kate Gosselin Kate Hudson Kat Von D Khole Kardashian Kimbo Slice Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries?