Facebook's friend recommendations will quickly turn into an endless, mesmerising stream of folks with names like Prepper Jeff and Amanda Rebel.Just keep clicking "add friend" over and over, and before you know it your timeline is full of racist Minions memes and pictures of Looney Toons who are somehow mad at Al Sharpton.Predictably, many Confederate Facebook posts consist of proud displays of the Confederate flag – on tattoos, in wedding photos, flanked by flaming blue skulls, airbrushed onto truck windows, whatever.

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Perhaps you remember April from British doc , in which we saw her encouraging the creepy attentions of incarcerated geriatric white power terrorist David Lane (imprisoned for his role in the murder of a Jewish radio host) and instructing her three-year-old, Dresden, "A is for Aryan ... Tragically, the "questionnaire" isn't online, but we imagine it'll involve things like, "Can you recite the 14 Words, and the 88 Precepts of Natural Law? " "Are you prepared to move at a moment's notice when the neighbors find out about your views?

" "Do you enjoy the message-appropriate musical stylings of Tribute to Bunker 84, United Blood and the White Devils?

' "Are you open to dating and marrying romantic partners currently serving life sentences for hate crimes against minority groups?

" ..so, April Gaede is uniquely placed to help you, Brother and Sister Lonelyheart!

Just go to a news article about a police shooting and scroll down to the comments.

Most comment sections are linked to people's Facebook accounts, so you just have to find someone with a Confederate flag avatar expressing a racist opinion, click through to their profile and select "add friend".Everyone in Confederate Facebook seems to accept friend requests from strangers, which I guess can be chalked up to Southern hospitality. Gaede, having spawned white power royalty, is now breaking into matchmaking. April Gaede, stage-mom of three-car-pileup-fascinating Neo-Nazi pop nymphets Prussian Blue, may be able to help!Says April, "I have racial contacts throughout the US as well as the world...I am planning to create a more secure and successful way for WNs (white nationals) to meet by creating a screening process, starting with a questionnaire." We were alerted to Gaede's career change by the Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Watch blog, which monitors white power sites like Stormfront.