So rather than mess with all the wiring that it would require to replace it, I decided to simply change up the white color with some spray paint.

In this house we have one in 3 of our rooms and they all need some love.

First, we upgraded the fan in the Den by buying a new one, then we moved on to changing the plain white fan in the bedroom.

But this one is custom wired to work by a fancy wall mounted system.

I would have been happy with taking it down altogether, but my husband wanted to leave it up.

I know that ceiling fans are a no-no for decorators, but y’all know that in real life people use them. We have had them in each and every house that we have owned.

Sadly, in each house they were either not our style, or they were the white bottom of the price range fan ( see below) and we have had to change them out for something a bit nicer.

I have spent hundreds of dollars just updating ceiling fans.

I don’t really mind ceiling fans and I actually keep all of mine running on low through the entire summer.

It’s a very small change that freshened up the space and saved money.

Be sure to turn off the power at the breaker before taking down the fan.

Once your fan is down, remove the blades, fixtures and light globes.