Social media has changed the way business is done, the way deals are made, and how your product or company is viewed as an entity.

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Whether a conglomerate or a tiny start-up looking to make a gigantic splash in a sea of advertising, we will provide your company and/or product with every ounce of marketing experience, passion and creativity that it deserves.

Reaching your maximum demographic, while keeping your customer acquisition costs low and your profit margin at its peak.

With any new company or product, branding is an integral part of its success.

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At Big Picture Concepts & Media, we are focused on finding that connection.

While we utilize state of the art advertising techniques and cutting edge marketing concepts, we never lose sight of the human element, what really draws the consumer to your brand.

In a post-modern, over saturated world of spam and barrage marketing strategies, we specialize in innovation.

By customizing and branding a unique plan tailored to your company and your end consumer.