The search for the right partner who will understand you and respect you for whom you are is at times cumbersome and difficult.But now, with Soul, this situation is taking a U-turn.

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With Pokémon, you already know that you’ve gotta catch ’em all! Don’t worry, there’s now an online dating service that can seamlessly combine your Pokémon Go obsession with your love life.

It’s called Pokédates, and it launched this week as a way for Pokémon Go players to connect romantically with potential matches who are also into the game.

(Although can we be honest — at this point who ISN’T into the game?

) When you sign up for Pokédates you answer a few questions about yourself and your interests.

From there, a “fixup specialist” reviews your “PokéProfile” and matches you up with another Pokémon Go enthusiast at a time and place that’s convenient for both of you (and hopefully teeming with Pokémon).

via GIPHY If you hit it off as friends or lovers, great, but at the very least, you’ll meet someone cool to play Pokémon with for an hour or two.When we first read about this we thought it sounded like a publicity stunt, but the more we learn about it the more we think it’s a sweet way to leverage a ridiculously popular game into a fun social experience.You’re out finding Pokémon anyway; why not find your soulmate too?Black dating sites have become a meeting platform for singles, helping them in finding a date or marriage.In this digital world, the Internet taking a huge part of human turning to black dating sites has become the most practical and convenient solution.The beauty of Soul is that they are not only localized to the African nations but are global.