One example is “I would love to go to dinner, I’ll get back to you later in the month.” That’s someone who probably means “I like meeting new people.It’s not a priority to me, though.” When a person is intentional about building something with you, their actions will show it.

Initially, we tend to be drawn to the qualities of a person.

You know, how they look, how they approach us and how they initially make us feel.

If we like what we see, we move forward to learn more.

However, if you give yourself enough time between relationships, you can learn how to listen for what I call “trigger lines”; flags that emerge from the very beginning.

Some of the dumbest advice ever spoken is “The best way to get over a person is to get under a new one.” And yet, there are a of people who actually believe that. In other words, you’ll pick someone who is a lot like who you just broke up with because you’ll be looking for who made you feel like they did during the good times. If you keep dating people who want different things than you do, have you asked yourself ?

The bad times won’t even show up on your radar—until it’s too late. Is it because you’re too scared to ask about their future plans? Is it because you never say what you want or you’re willing to change the core of who you are in order to try and make the relationship work?

Here’s a huge blaring red flag that you have the tendency to date the same person over and over again: Each time a relationship ends, you chalk it up to all of the things that seem to be communication issues, why is that? The moment you are willing to be honest with yourself about the mistakes that you’ve made within your past relationships, the sooner you can correct them and attract a different kind of person as a direct result.

might be too strong of a word (perhaps), but if you’re past the age of 30 and you’re either single or divorced, you can probably admit there were some relationships you experienced that were more like one long emotional roller coaster ride than a smooth sailing journey. It took being single (and abstinent) to be able to see all of this for what it is; to be able to stop looking from “the inside out” and instead from “the outside in” of the cycle that I was in so I could break it.

Yes, why is it that we all want the same thing—true love—and yet, ironically, we keep ending up with the same thing: the . So I could stop dating the same person over and over (and over and over) again.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in a relationship, but as I look back on most of the guys I’ve dated, there are actually more things they had in common than not. So, how can you know if you also have the habit of dating the same person over and over? Meaning, just because you’ve checked out a movie with someone a few times, that doesn’t mean you two are in a relationship.

On one hand, they all were smart, funny and for the most part, ambitious. On the other hand, they were passionate, but non-committal. But if it’s been about six months or more, you see and speak with one another on a regular basis (more than a couple of times per week) and—this is the real clincher—you it comes to an end and within a month’s time you are back out dating, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to find yourself dating the same kind of person.