Excuse my unintentional misspellings I am using my Droid. Namaste, About four years ago I came across OSHO's book "The Spiritual Path Buddha, Zen, Tao, Tantra" at a book store. When the disciple is ready....Master appears"........ After living a pretty mystical early life.....the age of twenty seven....after reading... I am hoping to start an Osho group in Liverpool, and a forum where people can share their experiences, and much more.But to get back on track I had just put down osho's book of wisdom and decided to find a group of sannyasins. I was travelling at the time, so due to the size of the book I did not purchase it. I have been a sannyasin for many years and look forward to getting to know others who share my love of Osho!

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As I am from Croatia, I would like to find some place which is close to me - anything in Europe. today is yet another day as moments pause by standing in the middle of road i feel like floating.

i thought it as hallucination but i really felt it. Enjoy your moments of silence and have a nice weekend!

why i always have strange and unusual feelings in strange places i wonder. Namaste, revzen I have been 'into' Osho for a few years - would like to join a small community of Oshians who could work together and get beyond the day-to-day -bills, food and go BEYOND.

As you can see, as a “Meditation Resort” it reflects a unique combination of the meditation qualities of a Gautama the Buddha and the resort qualities of a Zorba the Greek. A place where the mind, body and soul can play harmoniously together rather than pulling in different directions!

When you arrive, the front desk will direct you to the Welcome Center just to the right of the main entrance.

They will take care of your registration for participation in the Meditation Resort activities. I´m a sannyasin, a Ma, living now in Denia, Spain; before... Took sannyas back in 1981 and been around sannyasins ever since.Sometimes one or two some other times thousands ;-) I´m kind of shy.wanted to say Hi Osho on Women Why Has Woman Been so Repressed all over the World?Man has used the woman as a sex machine just to relieve his own sexual tensions…. When i was in the stage of VIYOG ( seperation with your dear one ) Suddenly i found some of the osho talks laying in our home which were not opened from last six months ,which somebody had gifted to my father those osho talks........ HI guys, I am in the process of creating a film about us on the world tour, with Osho, I would appriciete, as much help as possible from any one and everyone who was a part of the World Tour.She has been used, and that is the ugliest thing in life... I am an Osho Bhagat and have discovered him recently - WOW! It is undeniably life changing, I read 'Creativity: unleashing the forces within', 'sex and the super consciousness', 'maturity' 'intuition' and 'intimacy' striaght one after the other. being caught under the pain of uncertanity mind is driven to seek the permanent, the supreme happiness. I especially need your stories about the time with Osho in Crete, regardless, if you...after entering in to the world of ever lasting desires want to remain calm and confident. I am learning to know and understand our unborn awareness. All existence is in search...it's search is for the Divine.