Because finding a booking office in town can be a pain in the ass and you never feel you are being told about all your available options, y I can’t stress the airline tip enough.When I went to book a ticket from Sorong to Jayapura all the flights were sold out for 5 days straight and I had to radically alter my travel plans.If I had booked a ticket once I had arrived in Sorong, I would have had a seamless transition from diving Raja Ampat to trekking the Baliem Valley.

Part of that of course is all the scuba diving I did.

There is so much diving to do in Indonesia it’s actually like visiting two very large countries at once instead of just one.

I can’t imagine a better time then buying a boat, some tanks and a compressor and spending a year sailing and diving around Indonesia.

But if diving isn’t your thing there is still plenty of stuff to do and things to see.

When you travel in SE Asia each country seems to call an internet cafe a slightly different thing.

If you don’t use the exact phrase in the country even saying words like “internet” “email” “skype” and pantomiming typing won’t help you locate an place to access the web.

In Indonesia ask for “warnet” which is short for “warung internet” Asking for anything else will more times than not result in blank stares.

Flying between islands in Indonesia can be pricey and the further east I went the more expensive it got.

Additionally, unlike other parts of SE Asia, the price typically doubles if you try and purchase a ticket inside of a week from your flying date.

So if you are on a tight budget and don’t want to waste days on ferries you will need to do some advanced planning.

Most domestic airlines in Indonesia either do not have a website or have a very limited website (some still issue handwritten tickets which I thought I would only see in Myanmar) so online booking is generally not possible. So when you land in a new city at the least take some time to check the available airlines to your next destination along with their flight schedules, seat availability and pricing.