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It was touch and go for a while in lead up to their first date as Ally almost turned around and went home, but we're so happy she didn't as her and Andy made an amazing connection, moving to Devon months after meeting and recently getting married! My Single Friend was set up in 2004 by TV presenter Sarah Beeny, who is notorious for matchmaking her single friends.

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Liverpool, with its rich Catholic history, world famous Catholic Cathedral and prestigious University, England’s most Catholic city continues to draw in believers.

With a Catholic population of 575,000 (November 2013) and of those around 10% practicing, the demographics of Liverpool make it a great place to meet other faithful Catholics.

If you are new to the city, there are lots of opportunities to get involved with and meet others in the local Catholic community.

For those under the age of 26, the Animate Youth group works with up to 10,000 young people around the Archdiocese and is a great way to make likeminded friends.