Super masculine, the actor teams the soft, silk-cotton blend henley without heavy-duty cotton pants and derby boots in solid black – creating a look that feels aprés bike race – without the chase. Butler favours the worn-in, test-driven vintage aesthetic with the softness of the calfskin acting as a second skin (without it being super tight).The style is moto or racer style to be exact, but Butler does like the aviator style too, opting for tan-ish brown – something high-flyer Biggles would’ve be proud of.Sergeant Shorts Whether he’s strolling the dunes of Malibu or dodging heavy traffic on Sunset Boulevard, Butler recruits his loyal camouflage shorts.

But note the tonal chemistry of both tailored outfits: the blending of the dominant hue – be it blue or brown, as the colour morphs onto the tab-collared shirting (great for narrowing the face), the woven silk tie, and even onto the leather lace-ups.

Butler doesn’t often waver from traditionalism but he makes an exception for blue leather shoes.

Go Moto The combination of a leather moto jacket and a henley was made cool by Steve Mc Queen, and it’s a no-brainer for the classical Butler.

Other times, you’ll see him in sneakers, clean cut jeans and a tee – mostly the open-necked Henley.

The Scotsman relishes in being classic, isn’t a fan of trends and keeps things relatively simple – no appendages.

But he does love a good accessory and is rarely seen without his aviators and some form of hat; that LA sun proving all too hot for his British complexion.

Tonal Tailoring Like a boss, Butler looks to sharp tailoring (for those red carpet times) opting for sleek, and neat single-breast suits in slim fits.

Growing up in the Scottish town of Paisley (yes, as in the floral print), Gerard Butler was raised in style, literally.

With a home in Malibu and New York, the Scotsman remains true to his rugged heritage which – despite the glitz and glamour of Hollywood – translates into a contemporary masculinity that most celebs are ditching for contrived versions of themselves.