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And so, despite his hardest efforts to reject the deal, he was unable to. And if I recall correctly, it’s your turn to go to Italy.”“That’s right, but that’s not why I’m upset. Such a small, five-lettered word means so many things, can mean so many and all variations of affection and love I feel for you. There is no one that can make me feel the way I do than you. Once, Alfred recalled someone named "Lady Gaga" and proceeded to play her music while dancing around the Presidential Office as Ross attempted to file papers.

His citizens were blinded by a promise of plausible peace before them, and if sacrificing a girl was the only way through Germany X Reader: Timeless Conversation“Do you want to know something? ”“I like you.”“_____, I already know that.”“Oh yeah...

in December 2013, there was a lot of buzz and rumor about the story and cast.

China x Reader ~These Are The Regular Nights~"Remember when nights used to be quiet?

" you ask him, as your arm coils 'round to knock the man down on his knees after shouting "Repugnant Bamboo Punch!

" you take the moment of weakness to your advantage and snap a leg up, creating a most satisfying crack that send him reeling and down to the ground. Let you yell at me for no reason when you'r Hetalia Headcannons Sometimes, without anyone knowing, Lukas rocks on hard in his bedroom.

"Define 'quiet'," Yao says as his back presses up against you as the ball of his fist descends into his opponent's gut and shouts, "Sharp Crane Thrust! I want to convey to you everything you are - smart, funny, gorgeous, amazing, and most of all, you. I want to be the person who looks after you when you're sick. He turns up the music so loud that the room is vibrating and he sings at the top of his lungs.

", and the two of you twirl about in the darkness of the night, moonlight reflecting down and casting shadows upon the scene. There were Chinese soap operas on every night." you remind him as you lock arms with him, back-to-back, and run up the chest of the man opposite you with dizzying speed to cartwheel down to Yao's front. I want to do things for you, make time to spend with you, make you happy, make you smile, make you understand that you're the only one. The only other person that knows is Tino, who does much the same, the difference being that his music is heavy metal and Finnish.

After a moment to regain lost breath and share an all-knowing glance, the two of you unlock arms and then wheel around to face your opponents. I am simply having a normal expression.”“Are you sure? The only time Lukas does this is when the other Nordics are out and about, and he is alone in the house.

[France X Joan of Arc] Waiting Forever**Quick Note- this is probably not historically accurate. France is at the height in its revolution against England in the 100 Years' War, and the maiden that came from nowhere and seemed to be helping the desperate situation, was sentenced to death by Arthur himself. A ma'm who can do so much in so little time, and at such a young age, amazed him. Because if you're upset, you can talk to me.”“I know.”“So talk to me, because you’re upset.”“Fine. There are things I want to do for the world, for other people, for myself. Which is why the other Nordics (excluding Tino) are very much confused when the neighbours start complaining.doubleox515***President Ross is sick of Alfred's 500 year old music.

I have tried in the past to try and get the facts and to get this as straight as possible, but if this isn't historically accurate, please don't chew me out in the comments. It was strange for him, to love someone so fresh in life. Hundreds upon hundreds, thousands, of years ahead of everyone we walked with now. You’re persistent, just like Feliciano.”“Is that why you’re sad? You know, he has to go back to his country sometimes. And there are things I only want to ever do with you. The kid refers to it as the "greatest era of music of all time," but honestly, Ross is beginning to doubt this.