Part of my problem is I haven’t been in a relationship in many years.So I signed up for some online dating, but it’s been tough.

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I apologize to RSS readers- this post prematurely went up before I was done with it. This week marks the 1 year anniversary of this blog (January 4th!

), and to, uh, celebrate this milestone I will be posting a ton and gently directing readers toward the Donation Page all week as part of a twice-yearly pledge drive (in lieu of running ads).

If you enjoy yourself here and can spare a few $, I appreciate them and put them to good use.

If you can’t contribute financially, I completely understand and hope it doesn’t make things weird between us.

It’s embarrassing to talk about, but these last few months of trying online dating have kind of broken through my shyness.

Years of neglect while playing video games and being lazy have screwed me up.

I hate myself for letting it get like this, because now I feel as if I’m not able to get a date.

The readers and commenters contribute so much to the community here.

I didn’t know back when I started this thing that I was, you know, starting A Thing, with Jedi Hugs and FEELINGSBOMBS and African Violets.