Not too much different from what they look like now, according to Peter Marren of Forum For the Future.

High-rise glass boxes of the sixties were replaced by flat, moderate-sized homes—a partial reaction to the depressed economy of the seventies.

Now the flight isn’t to suburbia, but to metropolises, even mega-cities.

The efficiency of the modern home has not caught up with the green movement, and will need to adjust (think Europe).

So in fifty years, the interior of houses will have adapted–and quickly.

Familiar practices (unchecked consumption and new construction) of industrialized nations won’t survive into 2050.

Instead, using what one has will become practiced, down-sizing encouraged.

So while we may imagine homes of the future looking like this …

It had an amazing name and label plus it was a citrus based soda like my favorite Mt. Turns out that Kickapoo was originally an American brand but is no longer available in the USA. It was pretty damn good…far better than Mellow Yellow.

If Coke was smart they would replace their Mellow Yellow recipe with the one for Kickapoo Joy Juice.